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What is a Podcast?

Here you will find all of the all of the audio that we record from Sundays and more.

Some may find themselves asking what is a podcast. A podcast is a recording of the teaching. Which can be downloaded from right here. However the beauty of a podcast is that instead of having to go to the website every week and see if we have updated the teachings you can subscribe (like you would with a magazine) and the teaching will be delivered to your computer every time we update.

Some popular podcast software are


There are many other ones that can be found by googleing.

To get the audio downloaded to your computer you will see to the right:

Subscribe to Podcasts

To subscribe to our podcasts please click the iTunes link at the bottom of the post. To subscribe in any other podcast software click the orange RSS icon.

Where are our older teachings?

We only keep 1 year worth of teachings online.  If you want an older teaching please email andy @ and we can get you older teachings.

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